Caster Live

Caster Live

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Author Name: James Knight et al
Launch Date: Jan-13-2017 09:00:00 EST

Price: $27



Commission: 50 %

Caster Live is a complete SaaS software for Facebook campaigns and the key marketing features plus, Live stream tools for the market space. This is the dynamic FB marketing platform that gives you the opportunity to direct inbox to your facebook user. It is the latest technology of Facebook, that many don't know that it can be completely free. It gives 20 CTA buttons for your post.  Buy Now, Call Now, Shop Now, Watch More, Learn More, Watch Video, Open Link and Many more buttons.  It will show you the power of video, without the time and expense, improve your engagement of your post. This product will change your images into video with slideshow. This new feature will work with regular video and 360 videos. It has the features for your video marketing. 

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