Cozy Mystery Empire

Cozy Mystery Empire

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Author Name: Alessandro Zamboni
Launch Date: Jun-19-2017 10:00:00 EST

Price: $10



Commission: 50 %

Cozy Mystery Empire is the best course that teaches you to write the perfect cozy mystery short story. It is the subgenre of crime fiction and mystery where the crime takes place in the small community. Alessandro Zamboni's Cozy Mystery Empire provides you more information with the readers interested in the writing new short books in the genre. It includes The characteristics of a good short story., what is cozy mystery, The double-plot secret, How to choose a perfect location, A real example of cozy mystery plot creation, How to create all your characters, The 12 points your sleuth can't miss, The secret to build outstanding characters, Chapter by chapter cozy mystery creation, and much more. Cozy Mystery Empire is for anybody who has never published the cozy mystery before and for anyone who has experience in the field but needs to learn more.

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