Creepy Short Stories

Creepy Short Stories

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Author Name: Alessandro Zamboni
Launch Date: Jan-13-2017 10:00:00 EST

Price: $10



Commission: 50 %

Creepy Short Stories is the new course about how to write high-quality horror short stories in the easiest way. It is the step by step guide to writing super smooth horror short stories to pack into books to sell on Kindle marketplace. This niche is growing over time and calling in even more readers month by month. Alessandro Zamboni will provide a lot of tips and tricks and the necessary strategies to become an expert in the hyper-requested horror genre. You will get five advertising methods and the three next steps you should take after reading the book. In this Creepy Short Stories, you will learn how to select your creepy location from a choice of 100’s of places. The best thing to do that is reading one of the Creepy Short Stories books in the comfort of the house when it quiet, and you feel a sense of security. 

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