Disclaimer- Affiliate and Compensation

Refund Policy

The aim of this section is the establishment of affiliation with various companies who have their products being promoted on the website. JV Planet has affiliation with various companies who have their products being promoted on the site. Compensation is received from the sale of various services and products on the website and through the promotions. This may make a few readers believe that the reviews of services and products offered by JV Planet are biased. However, the comments and reviews put up on the page are true to the best of our knowledge and beliefs of JV Planet.

Compensation is received by JV Planet in the form of cash equivalent or cash for the purpose of carrying out reviews of various services and products found on the site.

Forward Looking Statements And Earnings Disclaimer

A lot of effort has been put in to represent numerous services and products found on the website to the best of our potential. However, no guarantee is being made that money can be made through the utilization of services, ideas, techniques and products found on this website. The examples in no way guarantee the earnings in any form. The potential of earning is entirely dependent on the utilization of the products, techniques or ideas by a person. No service or product on the site is being promoted by us as a “get rich strategy”.

The time devoted towards any idea, program or techniques, various skills and finances will solely determine the level of success a person has in attaining the results. Since the factors greatly vary based on an individual, no guarantee is being offered. JV Planet is in no way responsible for any action of the client.

The materials within the product and any information furnished on our website may comprise of significant information which is based on the forward-looking statements governed by the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward looking statements offer the forecast of any of our future events. These statements can be identified as they do not relate to any current or historical facts. These statements utilize words such as “estimate”, “project”, “anticipate”, “plan”, “intend”, “believe” and many other words which bear similar meaning with respect to the description of financial performance or potential earnings. The results may vary in comparison to others who would also be utilizing the same techniques, services or products.

All forward looking statements placed on the website intend to express the opinions of the earning potential vested in any product or service and not about the expected earnings. The actual results may be governed by several factors and in no way guarantees or expresses identical results for everybody making use of the same service or product being offered on this website. In fact, JV Planet doesn’t guarantee that any technique or ideas placed on the website would guarantee you any result. All the information placed on this website is © copyrighted by JV Planet. No part of this may be changed, sold, copied or utilized in any manner, whether offline or online apart from what has been outlined in the website without the prior permission from JV Planet under any circumstances.

DMCA Disclaimer

JV Planet fully respects others intellectual property. If you believe that any of your work has been in any form copied that results in an infringement of copyright then kindly follow the Procedures and Notice for placing Claims of the Infringement of Copyright below.

Procedure and Notice for Making Any Claim of Infringement of Copyright to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The submission of the claim notice to the Designated Agent must be done if you believe that you possess a claim of infringement of copyright against JV Planet.

Service Provider: JVPlanet.com

Email Address for sending notification: support (*at/] JVPlanet.com. Replacement of '(*at/]' should be done with @

In order to be effective, the claim notification of infringement of copyright must be written in the following format including all the mentioned information:

A statement should clearly state the exclusive rights possessed by the person placing claims of infringement. The statement can also prove the authorization of the person on the behalf of an owner of the exclusive right who wish to make copyright infringement.

A statement must be written under perjury penalty that supports the accuracy of the information contained within the notification. The signature, however, may be electronic.

The identification of the work being claimed to be copyrighted. Significant proof regarding the infringement must be provided. A notification can be submitted with a detailed list of the infringed works if you believe that multiple works that have been copyrighted has been infringed.

Identification of the matter that is being claimed to be infringed and the information must be sufficient enough for JV Planet to locate the content.

The information should be sufficient enough for allowing JV Planet to contact the person placing the infringement, including the telephone number, address, electronic mail address and the fax number if any.

Contact information of the owner of the exclusive rights must also be furnished in the statement if a claim being made by you that you are acting on behalf of the owner.

A statement that supports that you have a strong belief that the material use in any manner that has raised objections isn’t authorized by the law or the agent of the copyright owner.

JV Planet would respond to any complaints pertaining to the DMCA. JV Planet will remove any content on its website in a timely manner if the piece of content being featured on the site is proven to be copyrighted.