Pixal Evolution

Pixal Evolution

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Author Name: Richard Fairbairn
Launch Date: Jun-27-2017 11:00:00 EST

Price: $67



Commission: 50 %

Pixal Evolution is the first in the space to be totally IAB Compliant, this means all the graphics can be used on the CPA networks and it lets your clients design a graphic that really stands out, think animation, think video embeds, think HTML embeds, think text effects, think video backgrounds, think live real-time Skype calls inside adverts, think huge media database, think of combining Banner Snack, Banner Flow, Ope.nr & Snip.ly with extra features and new technology. Richard Fairbairn will astound your subscribers with the supercharged graphics app that will turn the way your clients build and distribute graphics, ads, banners, overlays, pop-ups, and call to actions forever. Before you think “oh no not another graphics app” read on. It will be insane with majesty and awe; to have the capability to blow the mind of every person born. Whether you need to get a promotion back from then make sure you promote Pixal Evolution anyone hitting the top ten will be guaranteed a promotion back. You can get ready to bank large commissions with this Pixal Evolution. 

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