Refund Request Crusher

Refund Request Crusher

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Author Name: Michel Sirois
Launch Date: Nov-22-2017 10:00:00 EST

Price: $5



Commission: 75 %

Refund Request Crusher is the full ten modules, step-by-step guide and videos that will show your customers how to prevent themselves from chronic refund requests, and prevent the PayPal accounts from closure or limitation. Michel Sirois developed the first ever info products that protects online sellers. With this Refund Request Crusher, you can enhance your customers to take control over shady buyers who hurt their business. You will create your stunning sales videos in few minutes. It will protects all the online sellers, affiliates, and product owners. Refund Request Crusher provides you 75% commissions on the funnel. You can make even more sales through email as affiliates of your own. 

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