Disclaimer- Affiliate and Compensation

Refund Policy

A refund can be requested by a customer on any product within the stated timeframe in the documentation of the original sales. The customers are requested to place a valid refund request by the inclusion of the copy of the original receipt of payment. This has to be done within the valid timeframe which governs the refund policy for the product under consideration.

Customers who are requesting repeated or serial returns may be prohibited from making any purchases further and this would also lead to the revoking of the right to refund on any future purchases made on the website.

Customers who file disputes pertaining to PayPal transactions incorrectly or untruthfully may have their right of returning the products revoked solely at our discretion. This consists of filing a dispute pertaining to any digital product or making claims on an unauthorized transaction which was deemed authorized by PayPal.

Customers should directly contact the JV Planet support team to initiate a refund request. The right of return would be revoked for those customers who violate the terms and conditions laid down on product usage by JV Planet.