Wizard Video Kit V2

Wizard Video Kit V2

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Author Name: Deni Iskandar
Launch Date: May-28-2017 10:00:00 EST

Price: $17



Commission: 60 %

Wizard Video Kit V2  is the big bundle of 7 Video Kit bundle that comprise of the Animated Characters, PowerPoint Video Templates, Stock Images, Static Characters, and much more. The video storytelling is the most powerful techniques to engage users and turn them into customers. Deni Iskandar's Wizard Video Kit V2 is the business tool to grab interest, pull people in and convert more sales and leads. It will help your clients will have access to every tools they need to craft their own fun and persuasive story from begin to finish. Wizard Video Kit V2 is suitable for the video assets collection for: internet marketer, product vendors,  authors, affiliate marketers, offline consultants, kindle sellers. 

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